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Founded in Chicago when Frank Holton opened a small instrument shop in 1898, The Frank Holton & Co. grew to one of the most influential instrument manufacturers in the first half of the twentieth century in the US.  Today, the Holton brand of instruments are still manufactured in Elkhorn, WI where Frank Holton moved the company in the Spring of 1918.

This Holton Loyalist site is dedicated to those horns, and the continuing history of Holton instruments.

We hope you enjoy this site, and look forward to your contributions of photos, catalogs, and other Holton related item to be shared with others.  Please visit our forums here.

  • Holton Catalogs (Any Vintage)
  • Holton Instrument Images (High Res. preferred)
  • Any historical photos of Holton related information

As always, we will try and reference the source if possible for any information provided to the

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History of Frank Holton & Co.
- Frank Holton
- Elkhorn, WI move in April 1918
12 Jan.. 2008
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- Galaxy Cornet
- Holton Accessories
11 Jan.. 2008
  Trumpet/Cornet Models & Images
- Firebird Trumpet
- Superbone Valve Trombone
- Alto Eb Horn
16 Dec. 2007
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- Maynard Ferguson
- Don Ellis
16 Dec. 2007
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- Biddy Morrow
- Twice the Power, Twice the Satisfaction
25 Nov. 2007
  Photo Lightbox Feature 24 Nov. 2007
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